SolSpec is here to help you succeed.


Use our nationwide network of UAV pilots and manned aircraft to capture aerial imagery and LIDAR.


We are problem solvers and are here to help. If you have a project challenge or have custom reporting needs, give us a call to see what’s possible.


Let us create reports formatted to the needs of your company or the regulators you work with. Excel sheets, PDFs, Word docs, etc– we have you covered.


We have worked alongside some of the largest enterprise customers in the nation to help them build successful UAV programs. If you need drone training or are just unsure where to start, give us a call.


Imagery. Our data acquisition technicians work with you to design the correct flight plan that best serves your needs or to train your pilots concerning acquisition techniques.  Whether you are collecting imagery for the first time or responding to a rain event, we can help you get data collected quickly.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). If you need to capture high-quality and accurate elevation data, we can provide LiDAR layers. Contact us for more information

Use our team or yours to collect data on a continuous basis.

Let us help build your analytics needs with our training data and machine learning algorithms.


Get vital information on your asset or project – no matter your industry. Tell us what you need to know and we will customize our models to the demands of your large-scale land project. 

Our analytics can be custom-bundled to identify and mitigate industry-specific challenges in any region and environment. We enhance assessments and high-integrity work in mining, renewable energy, oil and gas, civil engineering, utilities, rail, precision agriculture, stormwater management, and more.


Customize your format, logos and summaries with our custom report services. If you need to match specific formatting with your contractors or regulators we can get you sorted. 

Receive mapbooks, or custom formatted reports or tables, to get intelligence over your large-scale projects.

Learn best practices and recommended approaches to collecting and analyzing data with our customer success team.


Flight Planning. Processing. Analysis. Mitigation. Ground Truthing. We have hundreds of years of expertise with environmental science, technology, remediation, etc.


We know photogrammetry. We know LiDAR. We know soils, vegetation, and surface hydrology patterns.

Hire us for your specific training and custom needs.

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